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Tripstar – Trip to NYC

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Tripstar Takes Us on a “Trip to NYC”

Memphis rapper Tripstar drops his latest music video “Trip to NYC”. Another smoking trap tune from this artist, “Trip to NYC” exudes swag with the drill-style flows and sharp lyricism. Absolute non-stop bars litter this epic record, peep this song immediately and see exactly what all the buzz surrounding Tripstar is about.

Joining the rap scene in Memphis around 2016, Tripstar was taken notice of for his creative stylings and sheer talent. As an unfortunate side effect, the attention brought on a legal situation that had the artist locked up for three years. Released in 2020, the artist spent his incarceration improving his already high level abilities and making a plan for his return to the game. Growing his social media presence and releasing single after single, he eventually caught the attention of MoneyBagg Yo who signed him to BreadGang Entertainment. 

2022 saw the artist release several dope new tracks. As well, “Trip to NYC” marks the third music video the rapper has put together this year. His reputation growing with each new song, it’s clear that Tripstar is working to make his way as a legend of the Memphis scene.

Tripstar Trip to NYC

Tripstarn – Trip to NYC

In New York for Fashion Week

An absolutely eerie beat on this one with an atmospheric piano melody moving up and down on the right side, complemented by violins on the left. The finishing touch is the high pitched vocal chop, which gives a mood of despair as Tripstar delivers his incredible bars. The artist has no shortage of amazing punchlines such as “I take out the trash in Gucci” and “I cut the grass in Louie”. Each line is severely deep in the pocket of the pulsing 808s, Tripstar making the whole thing look easy with his impeccable technique.

Like the name of the track would imply, the video was actually shot in New York City by CalebJermale. With lyrics about living a lavish lifestyle, the video demonstrates just that by having Tripstar shop with bags of gucci, dine at a high-end restaurant, and smoke fat spliffs in the back of his car. The artist moves with ease around the camera in Times Square, still rapping and entertaining us with his wild antics. A candid facetime with “Danny” is where the video leaves us, the call taking place in the middle of a clothing store. As a whole, it goes pretty hard and gives a superb taste of NYC.

Tripstar’s Instagram is full of high-quality pictures and videos. From games of basketball to behind-the-scenes on his latest releases, check it out to stay tuned in to this amazing artist. Peep “Trip to NYC” on YouTube and see exactly why Mephis loves this talented rapper.