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Anonymous H – Huh? What? Huh? OK.

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Anonymous H drops out a new visual for the song Huh? What? Huh? OK.

Anonymous H dropped an entirely energetic song that left the crowd breathless. The premiere of the new official video for the song Huh? What? Huh? Ok, it was August 6, 2022. Anonymous H’s new song is full of fast rhythm and impressive drills that you will surely enjoy. The new visual is on Anonymous H’s official channel. The rapper surprised everyone with such a good song, as we can see from the audience’s comments below the video.

The artist has created a visual that fully matches the energy and drill of this song. Interestingly, the video was filmed on the streets of the branches, changing a couple of locations, but they put music and dance in focus. Anonymous H and his people danced to this fantastic beat and followed the song’s rhythm. The production achieved exciting effects with a couple of slow-motion effects that create a contrast to the fast and robust energy of the song.

In the first beats, you will be attracted to a beautiful female vocal with a beautiful melody, followed by a male voice that introduces an entirely different sound and beat with a couple of voices. From a light note that relaxes, we suddenly fall into the Anonymous H beat, which brings an entirely new dimension to the song.

You will enjoy this exciting sound. The melody that occurs in the first bars will repeat until the end of the song and refine this fiery drill and the brutally fast tempo of the song. With such a good combination of sounds, you won’t feel that the song is as fast as it is.

This young artist has published a lot of beautiful and good songs in the past period. Since the rapper’s official YouTube channel has been active for a while now, he doesn’t have a lot of rapper songs. The artist released the first song on his channel, the brutally good track Signs, which over 40 thousand people viewed. In addition to this song, there was also the track I Don’t Want To Kill Myself.

You can listen to a more extensive list of Anonymous H songs on Spotify. On this platform, his most played song is Ah Ah Ah.

The rapper achieved great success with the song Come Outside Please, released 7 months ago. The official video for this excellent track is on the NewHipHopUpdates official channel. This excellent visual has been viewed by over 76 thousand people so far.

Anonymous H is gaining popularity through his music on other platforms as well. On the rapper’s Instagram profile, you can see that he is followed by over 23 thousand people and much other exciting content. The audience was especially delighted that this young artist recently shared a personal photo from his private Life. Namely, Anonymous H published his photo from the hospital bed and wrote: A whole new appreciation for Life. Below this photo, the rapper received much support from his audience, followers and colleagues.

Check out the new visual for the song Huh? What? Huh? OK. Please tell us how you like the visual and his new song in the comments.