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Stars Align in the 6ix

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Live Event: Stars Align in the 6ix

This November, Croxxings had the utmost pleasure to attend the Stars Align in the 6ix artist showcase event. Held at the classic venue Clinton’s within the heart of Toronto, this show featured performances from dozens of up-and-coming artists. Everyone who was a part of this showcase had serious talent, it being a true pleasure to watch these young rappers and singers give their all at the high-energy event. Check out our recap video if you want a taste of some of the action.

Thrown as a collaboration between promoters Toronto’s Top 6ix, Toronto Rapstars, and TheDripRoom6ix, the Stars Align in the 6ix showcase elevated on the already great events these groups had done in the past. Many rappers in the city are already familiar with the Driproom’s open mic, or Toronto Rapstar’s Dream More tours, but few expected these powers to unite in the way they had. This showcase in November was the sequel to its first outing, with a promised season 3 said to be on its way in 2023.

The event was co-hosted by Team 247 and Jesse the A&R, who both brought the hype of the crowd to a boiling point in-between acts. Filled with the lights of cellphones and the flash of cameras, the audience was exploding with excitement for each and every performing artist. Screams echoed from the stage all the way out to Bloor street, as the party reached its peak late into the night.

Stars Align in The 6ix

Stars Align in The 6ix

Rising Stars at the Root of the Scene

Favorites of the 6ix graced the stage all night, such as UpLifes Valintino who brought out an incredible amount of spirit, spitting some of his hitter songs that you can hear from him all throughout the city. Rapper Buggz was also present and showing off his signature bouncy style, getting the whole room jumping by the end of his set. A major highlight of the event was during the performance of Gboy Ro, whom the entire venue sang happy birthday to during all the excitement. The rapper accepted the well wishes with good graces, and returned the vibes ten fold as he spit his tracks.

Over twenty acts had given their all by the time the event drew to a close, the entirety of the evening bringing deep satisfaction to any fan of hip-hop or R&B. Each time a new artist stepped to the front of Clinton’s, there was renewed vigor from every person who came to view the event. For those that wish to support local talent, or just those who are fans of music, the Stars Align series is definitely the place you want to be at.

As mentioned, the 2023 sequel to this fantastic evening is already well underway, with the promoters accepting applications for their next round of performers right now. Croxxings highly suggests you follow the Star’s Instagram page so you can stay locked in to the next showcase when it happens. An absolute blast through and through, the Stars Align in the 6ix is a stellar new addition to the city’s scene. We cannot wait for its next iteration.