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777 Tommy x TMoney – 7 step

On 2.12.2012. Toronto’s 777 Tommy and TMoney released a banging video for their song “7 step” on 777 Music YouTube channel.

These young rappers aim for the stars and push their limits with every new release.

“7 step” is a clear banger with a fast pace of energetic beats and bossy posture of Toronto’s new generation rap talents.

Even though they are only getting started, they show a defiant attitude and incredible energy.

Their ambition has the foundation since they show how capable they are to create sparkling production of the video and crystal clear sound that attracted over 30000 views within a week.

The song is pumping the speakers, and it’s getting popular fast.

With raw lyrics, deep drum patterns and atmospheric samples, “7 step” boosts the emotions to the ceiling.

The song was mixed, mastered, and recorded by EAStudios, and beats were produced by J. Perry Beats. 

The video was directed by Strictly Yellow Tapez and edited by Mikita. 

Throughout the video, rappers are partying across the city and enjoy life in their careless style.

Energetic and unique, 777 Tommy and TMoney are sending a clear message that they are here and ready to rock the party.

We are eager to see what these guys have to offer in future releases.

If you are too, check out their Instagram pages and keep in touch with them.

Follow 777 Tommy: @777txmmy

Follow TMoney: @tmoney_rik

Let us know what you think about “7 step” and the rapper’s work in the comments below.

Quotable lyrics: 

“Better watch your tone when talk, why you’re yelling

It’s hard to be a boss and easy just to be a family

Being broke is not a joke

Nigga, why you’re laughing

Do you work for the feds

Nigga, why you’re asking.”