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AR Paisley, A Top Lyrical Toronto Rapper

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Nickname: AR Paisley

Name: Amarit Rehal

Place of birth: Ontario, Canada

AR Paisley is a young Canadian rapper and songwriter who hit the stage in 2017 with his debut album “Screwface”. He released his second album, “Timeless”, two years later.

His last album is “AR Paisley vs AR Money”, and it was released in 2020. AR Paisley’s path to fame is slow but secure, as Sidedoor Magazine named him one of the top artists in Canada to look out for in 2021.

One of his most successful songs was “23 Freestyle”, where his lyrical potential and flow really got noticed.

In 2020 his song “Still Grateful” was the song of the day, and people were listening to it nonstop.

The young rapper keeps on grinding; he released “222” and “Cloth Talk” before a  very special song. Apart from music, Paisley has also developed his own fashion line, so he is living it.

In 2021 he released the song “Enough”, one of his best ones so far, proving that he is the best spitter in the town. The only thing the song misses is a few extra bars because he was riding that flow perfectly.

Paisley is definitely one of the most underrated rappers in Canada; everybody says he will blow up soon, and we can’t wait for that to happen.

If you are looking for something fresh to put on your playlist, don’t miss out on Pasley’s singles and albums; the young rapper won’t disappoint for sure.

Some of his songs are still bangers after years since their release, and we hope he will get the flowers he deserves.

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