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Nickname: Kofi

Real name: Not known

Place of Birth:  Scarborough, Toronto, Canada

Kofi is a 22-year-old rapper from Toronto, Canada, who has been in the game for a couple of years. The young and talented Kofi is not only a rapper but also a singer and a producer.

The young artist says his father supported him to create music when he was young, and he started mixing for artists like Pressa, Jimmy Prime, and Booggz.

Soon he realized that he was very good at it, so he started releasing his own music through Jungle Music Group.

His first songs that got noticed were “ Wake up” and “ Came up,” and in 2018, he released his first EP, “ Tripolar,” with 4 tracks on it. Then he released “Hold Me Down.”

In 2020 Kofi released “ Baby Girl,” his most intimate and emotional song, and it is even his personal favorite. The music video has over 350K views, and it is probably the most relatable, upbeat song on the rap scene.

He released his second EP, “ Story of my Life,” in 2020, and “ Baby Girl” was on it.

Seven months ago, the young rapper released “ Don’t Give Up on Me,” and you will get goosebumps after listening to the song; it is a lyrical masterpiece.

Kofi has a unique style and an easy flow, and he built a name for himself quickly.

He showed off a little bit of diversity with “ Pass me the Blunt,” and he released “ Third Degree” two months ago.

In the music video, we can see his swag, and he is authentic with every song, which is why people love him.

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If you are interested, check out the music video for “ Third Degree” above on this page.

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