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Young Smoke, Toronto Rapper Out Of Regent Park

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Nickname: Young Smoke, Smokey

Name: Not known

Place of Birth: Toronto, Canada

The young Toronto rapper first hit the stage two years ago with his single “ Days By Da Rabba”, and the music video has around 670K right now.

Young Smoke is actually Smoke Dawg’s little brother, and many are saying that he is here to continue his brother’s legacy. But, unfortunately, Smoke Dawg was shot and killed in 2019, and his young brother mourns him in his songs.

Many even say Young Smoke sounds similar to his brother, but there is a slight difference that is enough for him to be recognizable.

From the start, and especially after “Smokey Wrld”, Young Smoke has brought an air of fresh music and clean verses to the game, and fans noticed his unique style and precise flow immediately.

After the success of “ Smokey Wrld”, the young rapper has released “ Ball”, “ Paparazzi”, and “Dead To Me”, and you have probably heard some of them.

One year ago, Smokey released “CAP”, and it is one of his best performances ever; his delivery and top-notch lyrics shed new light on his growth as an artist.

Then he started releasing “hood” songs such as “Block Boy” and “ 4 Tha Streetz”, which got him a little street cred and much respect.

The much-needed collaboration between him and Lil Berete came much later; 6 months ago, they released “ Birkin”.

“Birkin” is one of the best collaborations this year, and it is really a summer banger with cool lyrics and a unique beat.

Young Smoke doesn’t plan on stopping, he has released “Celine” and “No Heart” in the last two months, and we hope he will finish the year off with a debut album.

If you are interested, check out the music video for “Birkin” below on this page.

What do you think of Young Smoke? If you are rocking with him, let us know in the comments.