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Fat Bible – New York to Canada ft. DBx2

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Fat Bible joins DBx2 for New York to Canada

On 14.05.2021. a music video for the song “New York to Canada” by Fat Bible & DBx2 has premiered on 

6ixBuzz YouTube channel.

The made visuals are created by Anthony La Rose, and the whole concept is like a breath of fresh air. The song is a collision between two different styles, and it is nice to see some rappers without autotune for a change.

The song’s flow is amazing, and you need to listen to it a couple of times to catch all the fire bars that the duo is throwing. 

The anticipated collaboration did not disappoint, the beat is sick, and the rappers added some dope rhymes to it.

Both of them promoted the song on their Instagram profiles, and fans say that the banger deserves public recognition.


Formerly known as TUGE, the rapper embraces a new name and a new love for his body. The haters can’t reach him, and he promises that he will stick out even more with his music.

Fat Bible has known his way ever since he started rapping at the age of 7. The rapper has collaborated with both French Montana and Styles.

He rose to fame with two tracks: The Scrimmage and Ignorant Elegance.

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Quotable lyrics:

“We trynna bubble like gingerale

so we bought a lid up

Iheard that they swept the block

but as soon as I see the grams

I bet they don’t say get in the truck.”