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Rob49 drops out a new banger Houston Girls!

Rod49 never ceases to delight his audience. He released a new banger just a few days ago that set the internet on fire. The premiere of the new visual for the song Houston Girls was on July 9, 2022. In less than a month, this song received over 370 thousand views and many great comments from the audience. What particularly delighted the audience was the brutally good visual content. The song is on Rob49’s official YouTube channel.

Together with his team, Rob49 created a brutal visual sarge. Rob 49 filmed this video with attractive women in several locations. The rapper presented the Houston Girls not only through the song’s lyrics but also through this video content. The audience is most impressed by attractive and attractive girls with whom the rapper hangs out in nightclubs or enjoys their dance in a parking lot.

Through this visual, we can see how Rob49 flaunts his money and enjoys the luxury surrounding him.

What stands out next to the visual content is Rob49’s distinctive voice. Rob49 has a deep voice that sounds raspy and perfectly matches this ambiance of visual content. The music is a simple harmony that revolves around a light melody and repeating chords. The song will get you on your feet from the very first bars with its beat and energetic rhythm.

As we could expect, this song went viral on the TikTok platform. As a result, there is an increasing number of video content created with Houston Girls Soundtracks. Likewise, bloggers on YouTube stuck to this visual content, where everyone commented on this song and visual as 10/10.

The Houston Girls song is also listened to on the Spotify platform. Over 320,000 listeners listen to Rob49’s music on this platform every month.

Rob49 recently released his album titled Wellcome to Vulture Island. On this album, we can hear 10 great songs. However, the song Alright stood out in particular, for which Rob49 immediately published a visual. The visual of this song ignited the audience, and in a short time, it was viewed by over 740 thousand people.

In addition to his single songs, we can hear excellent collaborations with other artists on his album. Namely, he made the song Athlete in collaboration with Lil Double 0.

In addition to the album, Rob49 worked intensively on his other songs, but we can safely say that the song Houston Girls attracted the most attention from the audience.

If you haven’t seen this brutally good visual – click on the link below. Write in the comments how you like the new song and visual content. If you want to hear the rapper’s latest album, subscribe to his official YouTube channel and enjoy his music.

Read part of the Houston Girls lyrics below:

And I know you see it in my eyes, I’m a hustler (Yeah)
Pink pussy fit this (Yeah), all blue hundred (Yeah)
My uncle told me stay up out the trap, but I don’t wanna (Yeah)
Daddy told me stop selling them packs, but I’m a goner (Yeah)