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MoStack – FakE FaKe FAKE

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MoStack came back with new visual for a song FakE FaKe FAKE

After a short break, MoStack is back with a new visual. The video for the song FakE FaKe FAKE premiered on June 16, 2022. In less than a month, the video was viewed by almost 1.5 million people. We can safely say that the audience eagerly awaited MoStack’s return. The song is on MoStack’s official YouTube channel. This song is sure to mark your summer.

MoStack collaborated with Rxwntree for this visual. Mixed and mastered by Marrik Shearer. Together with the team, he made a light visual with many different scenes from everyday life. The visual is fully adapted to the music and text and is full of positive energy. Scenes from the street alternate with scenes of easy driving around the city, parties at night clubs and many more easy scenes.

What will surely leave you speechless is the music. We don’t often hear this sound that MoStack is known for from other artists. MoStack’s light freestyle and life text, full of emotions, fit especially with a summer beat in the background. The sounds of saxophone and bass guitar give a completely different dimension to the song and a freshness that the music scene needs.

Mo Stack not only raps well, but we can enjoy his melodic voice in the backing vocals. This song is the right choice for everyone who needs summer spirit and a lot of nice light music that goes with its flow. You will enjoy this brutal combination of smooth jazzy bar sound of saxophone combined with light chords in piano and guitar.

In addition to YouTube, the song also became popular on TikTok. There are already tons of videos on TikTok for this brutally beautiful sound and 4.9 million views for those videos.

MoStack’s music is different from most artists’ music in the rap scene because it carries that light vibe with a lot of nice chords and melodies that we can hear in the background. Before taking a break for a couple of months, MoStack dropped some brutal tracks. One of the most listened to songs is Ride, which has over 1.6 million views on YouTube, and 8 months ago, MoStack released a live performance for the song Ride.

On his Instagram profile, the rapper publishes interesting photos from filming and his private life and, at the same time, promotes his music. This talented artist posted a cover photo and a short video when the song came out and received a lot of support and a lot of nice comments for his new project. In addition to his fans, other artists also supported him. Follow the MoStack Instagram profile with over half a million followers and enjoy interesting content.

Click on the link below and watch the visual for this beautiful song. Write in the comments how you like this sound, which is MoStack’s song for you.

Read part of the text below:

Shit, everybody changed the moment I got limelight
I can’t take the fame I gotta go get my mind right
I’m locked for the day I only come out at midnight
Vampire life it got me feeling like Twilight