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AyeeK Gives us Another with “You Never Know”

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AyeeK Gives us Another with “You Never Know”

Maryland rapper AyeeK has released the music video for his track “You Never Know”. The beat goes absolutely dummy hard on this brand new record, with AyeeK’s ice cold bars leveling the track into one hell of a song. As soon as AyeeK starts rapping, you know that you’re in for a good time. Tap into this brand new music video and peep the grind and talent of a prime Maryland artist.

AyeeK may be one of the most prolific artists we have written about at Croxxings. Firstly debuting with his record “The AyeeK Way” in 2020, the rapper has been non-stop producing fantastic tracks. “The AyeeK Way” featured legendary creativity already on full display, with hard bars covering the record front to back. But this was only the beginning for Ayeek, as six months later he dropped another full length LP “TrappaWitAk 2”. Continuing to evolve in his sound from his debut, this album featured another level up in production and showed the rapper well on his way to success.

2021 saw AyeeK dropping another pair of full lengths, “IT’S TIME” and “broken promises 2”. The rate at which he has been producing music is substantial, with each release taking on its own emotional quality and tone. 2022 had the rapper letting loose with his most projects insofar. “IT’s Time 2”, “Made 4 This”, and “On the Road to It” all released just last year, proving the artist’s songwriting to be unstoppable. “You Never Know” comes off his most recent record and is an excellent taste of the rapper’s style

AyeeK You Never Know
AyeeK- You Never Know

Hard Bars from a Maryland Native

Production by bigbossbutta has the beat coming in heavy and intense from the get-go. An epic piano line plays just four notes, but the feeling they bring is undeniable. All of a sudden, Ayeek comes in with non-stop bars over absolutely trashy percussion. The vibe the track creates as a full package is immaculate, AyeeK proving his skills and wordplay line after line. “This guy is just like diamonds, we know he ain’t real” is a great example of the cold lyrics Ayeek develops. The open high-hat on the off-beat keeps your head nodding the entire time, with the song altogether demanding a replay.

Video direction comes from Safari Midas, who takes the images AyeeK paints in his song and turns them into reality. Ayeek sits at a table with a bag of weed and piles of cash, performing intensely into the camera. Equally intense are the other scenes in the vid, with the rapper sitting on the hood of a BMW outside a convenience store at night. The artist and his crew always have blunts in hand, with AyeeK himself rocking a chain that bears his name. Each scene is cut together with a direct style that lends to the power of the song, making for a supremely entertaining experience.

Ayeek can be found on Instagram, often posting about his latest projects and behind-the-scenes photos from his videos. Tap into this Maryland artist for a dose of real gangster bars and heavy hip-hop music.