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Lyrical Linkz, A Bar For Bar Rapper From New York

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Nickname: Lyrical Linkz

Name: Naliek Garrett

Place of birth: Southside Jamaica, NY


In 2020 Lyrical Linkz dropped several good singles that immediately set him apart from the mainstream mass. The singles “Beast Mode,” “Pain 2,” and “Ain’t no better feeling” launched Linkz’s career.

2020 was a successful year for the rapper and his team, but his consistency is the key. He kept releasing songs and building his career until he more of a buzz throughout the underground rap scene.

In 2020 he dropped his first EP, “Should’ve Been On,” with 8 tracks on it. He also put two collaborations with Paparattzi Pop on the Ep. Our favorite track off the Ep is “Murderous Habits.”

He also dropped “Tryna Get Away” and “On a drill” in the same year. In 2021 the rapper dropped “Back Out” ft Shina and “Homicide.” He dropped “New York” in 2021, a homage to where he was born and grew up.

In 2022 he dropped “Never Fold,” a collaboration with Lewi. The single is amazing, and the two artists sound great together. Recently he dropped “Keep it Thoro,” the music video, so don’t forget to check it out.

The rising start is on the edge of becoming viral. He has the unique flow and the icy visuals; all he needs is a  bigger fandom to keep this going. If you hear one of his tracks, you will hear pure talent and hardwork.

We hope the rapper will keep up the great work in 2022 and maybe drop a new EP or album soon. We would love to hear something new and fresh from him.

If you want to support the artist, listen to his music and follow him on his IG profile above. Don’t forget to check out his new sin;ge “Keep it, Thoro.”