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Pengz x Twotwo – Gangsta

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On 25.6.2021. Pengz and Twotwo dropped a music video for their joint song “Gangsta”.

The video has reached over 50k views, and many say it has a great chance of becoming Toronto‘s new anthem.

The duo is best known for their first collaboration.

Their last collaboration, “Griselda Blanco”, came out four years ago, and it was a hit from day one. The song’s impact was enormous, and the rappers believe this one will top it for sure.

The music video for “Griselda Blanco” has over 9 million views. So far, it is the most viewed music video from any underground Toronto artist.

“Gangsta” has the same vibe as their first collaboration, and both rappers have mad lyrical skills and dynamic energies. One does not out shadow, the other, and their individual talent is more than noticeable in the song.

The music video is very hood-like, complementing the title of the song and the whole vibe perfectly. They even shout out some notorious Canadian figures, giving a controversial aspect to the song.

Just in time for the summer, the song will be talked about. It has a chill vibe that will be interesting to the older and the younger generations.

Pengz promised his fans that if they get the video to be number one, he will soon drop two more songs.

Will his fans complete the task? We will just have to stick around and see.

Check out Toronto’s new hit collaboration “Gangsta” above on this page.

Leave a comment down below if you think the song is the next big thing.

Quotable lyrics:

“My jewelry came from Dubai (Bling!), she call me young Abu Dhabi

Gun game on John Wick, trap, bail money in the pot (Whoa)

S-Class in the lot (Skrrt), I think I’m Mazaradi Fox

Starboy for the hood (CLE), I’m legendary in the streets”