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OnlyJahmez Drops “HOLIDAZE” Featuring Benboh

New Jersey rapper OnlyJahmez has released his Christmas song “HOLIDAZE” featuring D.C. artist Benboh. A dark take on the Christmas season, this record comes as a painful expression of OnlyJahmez’s feelings during this time of year. Explicitly stating his distaste for what the holidays brings, this tune takes Jahmez’s negativity and turns it into exceptional personal expression. Listen to “HOLIDAZE” if you too have had enough of the festivities.

OnlyJahmez has been in the scene for about four years now, originally dropping tracks on SoundCloud. Early songs like “Kiss” show the artist already comfortable in the emo rap style. Undeniably taking an incredible spin on the genre, the rapper mixed autotuned verses with the use of his full powered voice on hooks.

As his popularity began to increase, Jahmez signed with Water Music Publishing in 2019. The push of a label has helped him not only reach many new fans, but has also increased his output significantly. 2019 saw the release of his debut EP “Fxck Rules”, the title track of which shows a bump in production value as well as the artist truly baring up in a way he hasn’t before. Steadily dropping EPs and singles since then, OnlyJahmez has been building himself into something truly succeeding the SoundCloud rapper era.

Joining him on “HOLIDAZE” is east coast artist Benboh. With a style fusing alternative, dancehall, hip-hop and more, Benboh injects his unique style well upon the second verse. The two artists coming together have created a truly stellar track.

OnlyJahmez – HOLIDAZE ft. Benboh

 Holiday I’m Getting Drunk

Mike Mvjor takes on the production for this track, opening things up with a Christmas sample from The Boondocks. A sombre piano line starts things off as OnlyJahmez writes about the painful memories that holiday’s bring for him. By the time the 808 hits, the track switches to a trippy sample and Jahmez takes on an emotional flow. “If you ain’t hit me up at all this year, we ain’t speak no more” Jahmez spits as he speaks about cutting out the negative people in his life. Benboh’s verse caps off the song, with a verse speaking about finding a woman and sipping on cough syrup. Coupled with Jahmez, the two have created a vibe for those who are not down with Christmas.

Video direction comes from WaveChange, who show’s Jahmez sitting alone in a small clothing shop. Each song lyric is displayed at the center of the screen, making the viewer capture the intensity of each line. The two rappers are also seen rapping in front of a Christmas tree, ironically clashing the mood of the lyrics with that of the season. Indeed, the visual adds the final boost that makes this track so entertaining.

You can tap in with OnlyJahmez and Benboh on Instagram, where the two are extremely active in their music making. “HOLIDAZE” is out now on YouTube, check out this final Christmas banger as we bring in the New Year.