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AyoSay x Murda B – Go Dumb

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AyoSay and Murda B Let ‘em Know with “Go Dumb” 

New York artists AyoSay and Murda B drop the insane track “Go Dumb”. An extremely aggressive tune from the pair, the heavy kick and classic sample make for an amazing track from the duo. Straightaway hitting your speakers with the intensity you’d expect from NYC drill, this song is an excellent effort from both artists. Peep this one on all platforms and experience the power.

AyoSay has been making rap music for a minute now, but his style has changed radically since his beginnings. His first track, “Hit&Run”, dropped on SoundCloud four years ago. The song holds a more melodic mode for the rapper, with hints of the artist he would become. Subsequently, the rapper included the single on his first EP “Blue Chee$e”. This EP continued to develop the melodic elements, pushing them further beyond what he had on “Hit&Run”. After laying low on the releases, AyoSay released “Danger” just four months ago. Simultaneously full of the power he would display on “Go Dumb”, while still keeping things melancholic and somber. We definitely recommend going back and listening to this artist’s output so far.

Murda B has just begun to release music consistently herself, with her style already clear from the outset. Her latest solo single “Trendy Girl” shows off the sheer aggression of her bars, taking the NYC drill sound and making it fully female. Lines are full of callouts to opps, and she has an interesting use of dynamics by including whisper bars. Murda B is coming out as an interesting new addition to the scene. Together with AyoSay on “Go Dumb”, the two compliment each others bars nicely and it makes for an energetic listen.

Ayo Say Murda B Go Dumb
AyoSay x Murda B – Go Dumb

Aiming for Opps

Mixed by Kmos, the beat for this track takes the classic Eurythmics song “Sweet Dreams” and pitches it way up. Shortly after introducing the sample, the two artists both shout “Suck My Dick” as the 808 hits. This sets the tone for the rest of the track, featuring the rappers spitting absolutely ignorant bars in both of their verses. Ayosay shouts “Came with the switch tryna take out the roster”. “Go dumb, fuck Adelle” is spit by Murda B early in her verse. Hearing Ayosay go far out of his comfort zone for this track is an extremely dope moment for the record, tapping into the grit and power of his voice. Of course, the outrageous lines from Murda B are also something to marvel at.

Shot mostly in the studio by KLO VIZIONZ , the video has extremely flashy effects which compliment the performances of the artists well. An Eevee sits on the shoulder of Murda B, as Ayo absolutely attacks the camera with his verse. Words from their bars appear around their heads as they crush the shoot, the frame never staying in one place for more than a moment. Echos of “suck my dick, bitch” ring out as the video hard cuts to black. Thereafter, the viewer is left in shock from the superbly intense experience.

AyoSay and Murda B can both be found on Instagram, with “Go Dumb” available right now on YouTube. Tap into this track and feel the energy.