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Icyslug – Catch A Opp (feat. Sha EK & Ciggy Blacc )

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Icyslug Unleashes “Catch A Opp” Featuring Sha EK & Ciggy Black

Queens based rapper Icyslug has come out with his latest single “Catch A Opp”. Joined on the track by fellow New York artists Ciggy Black and Sha EK, the tune has a powerful and driving knock that almost forces you to nod your head. Equally fire in the way each MC attacks the track, the way they come together make this one a real heater. Listen to “Catch A Opp” to catch this brutal wave.

Born Jacob Marmott, Icyslug describes himself as always being a hardworking youth. Although born in the heart of the hip-hop scene in NYC, Icyslug’s primary focus was initially never music. That is until an unreleased track of his began to circle around the neighborhood. As a top recruit for football and hockey, his unique position drew people in to listen to his music. Firstly in his career, he dropped the singles “bad lil thing” and “drama” in 2018. In 2019, proud of his personal heritage, he released his first mixtape “Trapjew”. 

“I’m mainly focusing on sports and school for right now but I wouldn’t mind making money off of music, you know. I guess ima start doing this for real if this is how y’all feel”. This quote was taken a few years ago, before his tracks really started to pop. “Memories in My Head” has over four million streams on all platforms, and more recently “Get Me” is coming in with almost a half million streams itself. Clearly the rapper’s career is just beginning, hitter collaborations with Sha EK and Ciggy Black show this is only the start.

Icyslug Catch A Opp
Icyslug Ft. Sha EK & Ciggy Blacc – Catch A Opp

I’ll Make it Hot

A classic sample from Kanye West’s “Wolves” forms the basis for this track, the strong Jersey-style kick pumping hard underneath. Icyslug’s laid back yet intense flows take the first hook, before he launches into double-time. Likewise, Sha EK matches the speedy pace. Sha’s gritty voice add a renewed brutality to the already high powered tune. Soon after, Ciggy Blacc brings things home in the final verse. “Any opp that I catch getting got” he spits, with all opps in the crosshairs of these three rappers. Combined, they take their styles to the next level and create a super hard song.

Shot entirely in black and white, the video takes place in a completely white studio. The three rappers perform to the camera as words from Icyslug’s bars appear around his head. Street artwork flashes rapid fire behind them as they perform their verses. Obviously, Sha EK is seen holding massive wads of cash against his head as he performs. Finally, Ciggy’s verse brings the video into full colour as he spits in the studio and in a midnight-covered parking lot. With influence from several classic music videos, they take a great spin on this tried-and-true style.

Icyslug , Sha EK, and Ciggy Blacc can all be found on Instagram. Icy’s bio reads “Something is killing the children”, pushing you to search for the deeper message in his art. “Catch A Opp” is out now on all platforms, tap in and hear the bars Papislug has for us.