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Hoodbaby Peppa – LA MADE A VIBE (Album)




Even though Hoodbaby Peppa is known for releasing singles, he decided to end this year with the crown of his career, “La Made a Vibe.”

The album, whose main single is “La Made a Vibe,” has 15 songs. You may have also already listened to P.O.M.B earlier this year which was form the album.

Hoodbaby has a lot of features on the album, including Hoodbaby Rahrah, LB Spiffy and NH$ Jay Jay.

Hoodbaby Peppa says that this album is a thank you note for the community that has made him what he is today.

The Toronto rapper kind of divided the album into two “moods,” reflecting his music perfectly.

The first part of the album, with songs like the main single, “Die or die,” and “South Boys,” are very melodic, upbeat and flow into each other perfectly.

Then there are songs like “Menace” and “Covid Trappin” that have more of a darker and serious tone.

He finishes off with a vibe that is something new for his music, but the fans love it, and that is the song “Woah.”

These two “parts” are exactly why we love Peppa; his versatility is the thing that will make him different from the rest.

Progress is seen on the rapper’s new album, and we feel like we get to take a glimpse of his journey.

Listen to Peppa’s new album above on this page.

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1. LA Made a Vibe

2. Artist 

3. Nice to Meet Ya (Ft. Hoodbaby Rahrah) 

4. South Boyz (Ft. Hoodbaby Rahrah) 

5. Do or Die (Ft. Hoodbaby Peppa & OK Brazy)

6. Life of a Bod Breed (Ft. Hoodbaby Rahrah) 

7. John Deere 

8. Don’t Blame Em (Ft. LB Spiffy) 

9. Menace

10. Geeked 

11. Gwan Easy (Ft. NH$ JayJay) 

12. Covid Trappin (Ft. Hoodbaby Rahrah) 

13. I Know 

14. Peace & Love 

15. Woah 


Velow – Tell Em How You Feel




On 15.1.2022. Velow dropped the music video for “Tell Em How You Feel” on his YouTube channel.

The song was produced by Tillaa Beats & Duce and mixed and mastered by Johann Chavez. The visuals for the song reflect his dynamic and energetic personality and music, and we love how the camera captured his vibe perfectly.

Velow is silent on social media, but his songs speak for themselves, and fans love his personality and witty punchlines. 

Velow dropped his last song, “Want your body,” five months ago, and he has left fans thirsty for new hits. In his IG post, he thanked his fans for their support and patience and promised “new shit”.

The Scarborough hitmaker works hard, and he always delivers top-notch bars and a different beat.

Along with the wild lyrics, this beat is actually disgustingly insane. It is a beautiful combination that built huge respect towards Velow.

If you are looking for something fun and edgy to put on your playlist, Velow has got you covered.

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Check out the music video for “Tell em how you feel” above on this page.

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Quotable lyrics:

“Fuck that nigga; I know he rattin’

Fuck all that talking, you see him, just blast him

That boy ain’t like that, I told you, “Don’t gas him”

He only with us to look like he active

Fuck the police, I hate ’em with a passion

I put some ice on my pinky, it’s dancing

I found some peace in myself, I don’t panic

I’m tryna win me a motherfuckin’ Grammy, yeah”

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Casper TNG – Changes




On 14.1.2022. Casper dropped the music video for changes which is the last song off his album “Harmonics Made a Hit, “with Harmonics hits on his YouTube channel.

The visuals are crazy, the music video already has almost 30k views, and “Changes” is definitely our favorite from the EP.

We love “Changes” because the Toronto rapper talks about how everything has changed and how we will never be the same. He also mentioned the relationship with his daughter and how he will spoil her with his riches.

The track kind of has a nostalgic vibe, and the visuals add to that atmosphere, but Casper really just spits cold facts and talks about relatable stories from his life.

We hope that he has new music and a new era for his career in store for us because we would love to hear some more punchlines from the Toronto rapper.

Harmonics Made a Hit – The EP

Casper’s big comeback was “Umbrellas”, a song from his EP “Harmonics Made a Hit”, but “Changes” adds a more personal note and tells a completely different story.

If you haven’t heard his new EP, show some love and hear it before he drops something new.

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Check out the music video for “Changes” above on this page, and drop an “emoji” if you want to share your opinion.

Quotable lyrics:

“They want me to stay the same.

How the fuck I’m supposed to stay the same when all this shit has changed?

And all these diamonds on my chain because it’s part of the game

That cell time drove me crazy, tryin’ not to go insane

I don’t get to see my daughter much; I buy her lots of diamonds.”

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Buggz – Whole Block ft. Blvck Mula



Buggz releases visuals for his new single featuring Blvck Mula “Whole Block”.

On 15.1.2022. Buggz released the music video for “Whole Block” ft Blvck Mula. The music video has around 11k views so far.

Buggz released a song with a dope beat, and catchy lyrics and Mula was a great adjustment for the song. This is one of his most successful songs so far, and he should keep up with these awesome collaborations.

One of the best bars on the song is: “Really from the bottom, the only way is up, skinning gravy, baby, couldn’t make this up.”

The two rappers haven’t really been consistent. Mula’s last song is “John Wick ” ft King Lal, while Buggz dropped his last single six months ago.

They really outdid themselves on this one, and they just need to keep grinding to get the flowers they deserve. The potential is there, and the talent is there; they only need consistency with releases.

Future work and collaborations

We hope in 2022, and we will hear something new from these two. If this collaboration blows up, maybe they will do another one.

So far, they haven’t mentioned anything on their IGs, but let’s hype up their song so that they have fresh motivation.

What can you do? If you would like to support the two rappers, follow them on their IG profiles below:



Check out the music video for “Whole Block” ft Blvck Mula above on this page.

Drop a comment down below if you are rocking to this song.

Quotable lyrics:

“I got it out the mud; I had to

sin again, I just went the block,

Imma spin again; I just called the

plug yeah, we lit it again; I just got 

it up, Imma win again.”

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