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What’s a Couple of Racks to B.Rob? 

B.Rob implies that a couple of racks are meaningless to him in his new single, For Me, which is part of a 400 series. For Me was released on September 6, 2022, on YouTube. B.Rob is a Canadian independent singer, songwriter, and rapper. B.Rob’s been writing songs his whole life and decided to record and release his music while in quarantine. In December 2020, B.Rob dropped  East End and Ask About Me, receiving 23K views on YouTube for both tracks. After the release of these two songs, the talented rapper emerged as one of the hottest upcoming artists. What makes B.Rob unique is his versatile sound ranging from R&B to Hip-Hop/Rap to UK Afro Swing & Dancehall. For Me is an example of his versatility, giving a feel for both R&B and Hip-hop. 

R&B Meets Hip-Hop

B.Rob’s lyrics are a combination of toxic and lover boy, saying one thing like, “I can send a b**** OT, they can get a stack for me,” to switch up and say, “I miss my miss lowkey, that b**** bad for me.” But there’s nothing wrong with these two conflicting emotions; it’s commonly experienced in this current generation, making this song relatable to listeners. The chorus is smooth, giving an R&B vibe to it. However, in the verses, B.Rob switches his style to Hip-hop to deliver these hard bars. One particular bar that was straight-fire was when he said, “Between the money, the honeys, the bottles, the models, the clothes, the hoes, the ice, the flex, I’m alright, for the night.” This bar implies that B.Rob has everything he wants and is alright, but only for the night. The switching styles between R&B to Hip-hop allows you to vibe along to the chorus while getting hyped for the verses, making this song an overall masterpiece, and B.Rob is the genius behind it.



One Shot Wonder

The music video was directed and edited by Victor Oly, while DJ Bubba was the executive producer. The video and song are synchronized to give viewers a whole experience of both elements. The music video starts with B.Rob walking into the studio and heading straight into the booth. As he enters the booth and approaches the mic, B.Rob goes into the first verse. After B.Rob finishes rapping the first verse, he walks out and goes into the studio, where he sees his people chilling, and that’s when he goes into the second verse. Throughout the music video, B.Rob uses the chorus to walk around the studio and transition into the next room. When he arrives in the next room, he stops moving and goes into the verse. The music video is one clean shot that follows B.Rob throughout the studio with no cutout scenes. This is extremely difficult to film because it requires every frame to be perfect, which For Me achieves beautifully.

Overall, For Me is a straight-up vibe, whether you’re feeling toxic or lovesick. No matter the mood, this track is worth a listen! Click the YouTube video linked above to listen to For Me by B.Rob, and give him a follow on Instagram