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Baby K drops out new video for song EST GEE FLOW

In early June 2022 Baby K officially posted his new video on the official YouTube channel PoseForKemp. In a short time, the video was watched by over 113 thousand people, and over 4000 people liked the video.

The video has an unusual concept that can be noticed in the first few seconds of this video.

At the beginning of this story, we can notice how Baby K is having fun with his friend, playing a game that will make more money. Their interesting conversation is an overture of the rap that is coming. Interestingly, Baby K conceived it as an interesting film story where everything goes through the fun without music in the introduction. Still, we can see how the story ended only in the second part of the video.

Surrounded by his armed team, he shows how this lifestyle story will end.

The audience is thrilled and writes him a lot of positive comments every day, such as Baby K dun murked this right here, straight up BANGER! He’s not like all those idiots and thieves who used to AUT HENT HENT ICVI EVS to guess for HAM … SMH looks like anyone can get big these days; this has been happening for about 3 days now. Pressure! etc

Fantastic is that the audience recognized this hard story and his emotions and thus helped him make this song more and more dominant on the internet.

The lyrics fit in perfectly with the light melody and recognizable voice colour, so the chorus will be very easy to remember. And just like the audience says, this song will surely go to your head and the playlist after the first listening.

Baby K’s video EST GEE FLOW is the right song for you if you want to watch and listen one street lifestyle video and moving music.

Baby K is very active on his official Instagram profile, where he also informed his followers that the song came out and left the entire video. However, a few days before he published, he addressed his followers and asked what date the song should be released, and with their suggestion, the song was published very quickly.

The rapper shares interesting content on his Instagram profile but is mostly based on his new projects and songs. We can notice that he is very active on the app Triller, and we can see what he publishes on that network, he also shares on his Instagram profile.

We suggest you follow his Instagram profile for all the interesting things you can see from him.

Check out the link below, be sure to check out Baby K’s new song, leave a comment, like it and share the video. If you are interested in the current music projects and which video will be released soon, we suggest you follow official YouTube channel PoseForKemp and be among the first to hear the beats and rhythms of his new songs.