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DCG Shun x DCG Bsavv – Buss It

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Buss IT is out! DCG Shun AND DCG Bsavv BRING OUT BANGER!

It’s only been a week since the DCG Brothers released their brutal video for the new song Bruss It.

Buss It is on their common official YouTube profile, and in these few days, the song is approaching 100 thousand views. The audience is delighted with their creativity and the energy they bring to the music scene.

The DCG Brothers have assembled their team and, together with them, are recording a video for the song Buss It. Surrounded by an armed, dangerous team, they changed several locations and rooms where they filmed the video. Two months before they released the video for the song Buss It, they posted an audio recording on their official channel that delighted the audience, which inspired them to publish a visual as well.

Altogether, they send their remarks and opinions directly to the camera, showing that very well in this video.

Fantastic effects and graphics have contributed to this video being of a high level of quality. The video was directed by No More Heroes from their recent project Jungle Life and produced by Southside and Slowburnz.

The fantastic effects of red and green lights and various elements in the video bring a modern style that follows trends.

After their hit single, Jungle Life, the DCG Brothers continued to delight the audience with their good vibes and energy. Their amazing approach to art and music immediately connects us as an audience with their songs and energy, which is what their audience in Chicago especially thinks.

The best way to feel their vibrations is to visit their performances and experience live what some are just talking about.

Two months ago, the big hit Stomp was released, which reached over 1.6 million views in this short time, and I became very popular on other platforms. The song was made in collaboration with the big-name Chicago G Herb. Stomp and Buss It are tracks that found their way to their successful album Jungle Life.

After such great success with these songs, we expect they will record another video for the song from this project.

When they published the song on their official YouTube channel DCG Shun and DCG Bsavv sun, they published a short video on their profiles and made the audience happy. After that announcement, only messages and comments of support arrived. Interesting content from his private life and everyday life is often on the Instagram profile of DCG Bsavv. While on the DCG Shun Instagram profile, we can see which events and parties they do not attend in addition to music projects.

If you need good energy and are in the mood for a strong sound, the new song Bruss It DCG Brothers, is just the right thing for you. Subscribe to their YouTube channel and enjoy the new and old music content these talented promising guys have saved. Support their work by following them, commenting and sharing this song on other social networks.