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Lil Durk – Did Shit To Me ft. Doodie Lo

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Lil Durk feat. Doodie Lo has released a new music video for the song Did Shit To Me

In collaboration with Doodie Lo, Lil Durk released his new video for the song Did Shit To Me a few days ago. The video received almost 4 million views in less than a week and became one of the most-watched.

The song went so well with the audience that it is not just a hit on YouTube but other platforms.

The song and video were done in collaboration with a fantastic team that provided the best quality of production and sound, which listeners can be noticed at first sight.

The video is a representative example of following all urban trends and showing the elements of a luxurious lifestyle. The rappers carefully chose the details that complemented this video, from luxury jewellery to the most expensive cars.

Lil Durk and Doodie Lo are a fantastic mix of voices and rap, and they uniquely brought this song. Matching their good energy and vibration, the song was highly placed by the audience and fans.

The song Did Shit To Me is part of Lil Durk’s new music project called 7220, which has been announced for a long time. The song has 7 numbers on his debut album. The rapper delighted his fans when he finally confirmed a few days ago that the album is coming out and that everyone together will be able to enjoy the 31 songs he has done.

Lil Durk never ceases to delight with her collaboration with other talented rappers, so this album will also feature the big name in the music scene.

His new album is coming out at just the right time and is great preparation for an even bigger project that Lil Durk has prepared. A few days ago, he posted on his official Instagram profile that he would do a big tour this year in September and October. The tour is called The 7220 Delux Tour, after his latest album.

To complete his project, Lil Durk invited his friends and colleagues, so Nardo Wick and Doodie Lo will be on his tour. Lil has done two fantastic collaborations with both rappers in the past period and two songs that have become the summer anthem.

He receives new questions every day about whether Lil Durk will perform in another city and whether the audience will be able to hear him somewhere else except in the cities on the list.

On July 30, 2022, we may hear Lil Durk’s fantastic song in Chicago in Grant Park.

Click on the link below and enjoy this summer hit Did Shit To ME by these two talented rappers.

Read part of the song Did Shit To Me and enjoy this summer with this melody:

They still mad from me and Keef (Man, what?)
They ain’t never do shit to me (Did shit, never ever)
They ain’t never did shit to me (Man, what?)
They ain’t never did shit to me (Man, never ever)
Why that nigga talkin’ like he talk? They ain’t did shit to me