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Baka Not Nice, Living Up To His Name In Toronto

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Name: Travis Savoury
Nickname: Baka, Baka not nice

Place of birth: Toronto, Canada

Baka’s career has taken him from working as part of Drake’s security team to contributing background vocals while working on his own solo music. He can be heard at the end of “From Time” from Drake’s 2013 album “Nothing Was The Same.”

 As well as providing the outro to Drake’s “Free Smoke” and backing vocals on “Gyalchester,” both from the 2017 album” More Life.” He never probably dreamed of becoming part of #1 charting songs, but it happened.

Drake noticed his immense talent and helped him start his solo career by signing him to Drake’s record label OVO Sound and Warner Records. Once he did that, after three days, he released his first single, “Live Up to My Name.”

He dropped “I am who I am” after some time, which is one of his biggest hits. He later dropped “Cream of the crop.” His first album, “4 mili,” included these songs, and fans are still waiting for the second one.

A feature that got him many views was “Ya Ya” with Big Lean. The visuals and the lyrics are insane. Three years ago, he hit a million views with “Junior High,” a masterpiece. He is known for his unique flow and sharp mind that delivers dope bars.

In 2019 he dropped “No long talk,” “My town,” and “Up” as singles. He slowed down on releasing music along the way though.

We hope in 2022, Baka will drop something refreshing and fire, but until then, check out his IG and older music. You won’t regret listening to some old tracks that are so “in” even a couple of years later.