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Tallup Twin From Jane & Finch In Toronto

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Nickname: Tallup Twin

Place of birth: Toronto, Canada


The group Tallup Twinz consisted of two members, and they released music up until 2020. Toronto two years ago.

The young rapper was only 19 and had just begun to gain recognition for his work. As the details surrounding the shooting remain unclear, it points to the ongoing gun violence plaguing the city. This was a breaking point for the remaining rapper’s career.

Music By The Tallup Twinz:

Four years ago, the duo dropped “My Team” with Why S and Burna Bandz, which was an instant hit. After that, the track “ 365” got 3 milion views, which was a huge success. Their next track, “ One of the mines” ft Robin Banks, Burna Bandz and Houdini, skyrocketed their career.

Collaborations were a great way to get the Toronto crowd familiar with the new artists and fall in love with their flow and bars. 

Later they collaborated with Burna Bandz and Houdini once again on  “ No Favors”. The three artists sound amazing together. In all of the collaborations, the vocals blended perfectly with each other, and no party outshined the other.

The first song Tallup Twin dropped as a solo artist is “ Memories”. The remaining Tallup paid respect to his lost brother by making him a part of the song and mentioning him through the lyrics.

He later dropped a collaboration with Why G called “ Screen”. The way they switch their flow is amazing; their energies are fire together, so you should check it out.

If you want to support Tallup Twin on his solo journey, follow him on his IG profile, and check out his music.