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Margiela Myers – Beat It (Audio)




The rising Canadian artist Margiela Myers drops a brand new single called “Beat It” on his YouTube channel.

“Beat It” is a melodic masterpiece that combines the tune of the saxophone perfectly with the hip-hop genre. The combination of jazz and rap is not very common, but we are happy that the new generation of rappers is making some fresh waves.

Margiela’s new single is pure art, and if you are looking for something interesting, it should be on your playlist.

For the production, Mr. Myers credits VinnyTheWizard, and the concept of the song is brilliantly thought of. 

Myers delivers witty lyrics, and his verses are just top-notch; you can’t pinpoint the best one because they are all good.

Mr. Myers has other bangers such as “Priority,” “Risk it All,” and “S.O.W.,” and if you like “Beat It,” you should check out these as well.

He is slowly but surely gathering his own public and developing his style, and he is definitely one of the rising original artists in Canada. His flow deserves recognition, and we look forward to seeing him on the charts soon.

Margiela’s new single “Haunted House” will drop soon, so don’t forget to follow him on his I.G. page below to keep up with the new releases:

Check out Margiela’s single “Beat It” above on this page.

If you are rocking with it, leave a comment down below about the song.

Quotable lyrics:

“Chains used to bead ’em, now my nеck fulla V’s 

I call Franky for the shine, a bettеr jeweller – nigga plz 

When she found out it was me, she couldn’t help 

But hit her knees 

Now Myers oversees, getting plays overseas.. 

Niggas thought i was a Saint, but my 9 ain’t for Brees.”