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Munna Cash – Get It In

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On 7.11.2021. Munna Cash dropped a music video for the song “Get It In” on his YouTube channel.

The visuals were shot in Vancouver, and it gives us old-school hip-hop vibes. Munna Cash is back for what he calls “ Cash Season,” and he is saying: “ if you say you love me, better show it now.”

The song has a chill vibe, interesting hook, and some dope verses, and they are all in Munna Cashes unique style.

The rapper says Lil Wayne and Chris Brown influence him, and we can hear a bit of it in his songs.

Munna Cash is slowly but surely going towards international fame, he has solid rhymes that pin him from the rest, and we love it.

If you are interested in listening to something fresh and different, put “ Get It In” on your playlist today, and you won’t regret it.

Munna Cash released his first song, “ What’s Up Today,” ten months ago, and he is already one of the most known underground Toronto artists.

He is known for his diversity, he likes mixing different melodies, and his verses make him stand out.

We hope Munna will release an album soon to prove his extraordinary writing skills, and we will have some good music to listen to.

 In the meantime, check out the music video for “ Get it In” by Munna Cash above on this page.

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Quotable lyrics:

“ I’m flying, please don’t fuck with me,

bad time, please don’t judge me, 

this new life came with some fuckery,

I can rhyme, realize they fuck with me.”