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Burna Bandz – VVS




The Toronto rapper Burna Bandz recently dropped the music video for his new track “VVS” on his YouTube channel.

His new mixtape “Houligan Timing” is out now, and it deserves to be listened to. It has 13 tracks on it, and “VVS” is one of them. The mixtape has a lot of cool songs on it, but “VVS” is the first one that got some visuals.

One of the best lines on the track is: “the only man I fear is god, im rocking fear of god.” Burna Bandz goes crazy every time with those lyrics, and his flow is on point. Best visuals that we have seen in a while, for sure.

We see the rapper in the video in a cold atmosphere,  surrounded by snow and jet skies. He is rocking his “B” chain and throwing mad bars. Some fans noticed that his flow is slower than usual, but we love how he can rock anything.

Burna Bandz is one of those rappers who is constantly upgrading his game, and we love his consistency and swag. If you are up to hearing something fresh and interesting, you should check it out today. 

If you liked “VVS,” then you should check out the whole mixtape; it has something for everyone.

Here is Burna’s Instagram profile below, so you can keep up with his work and new stuff:

Check out the music video for “VVS” above on this page, and let us know in the comments below.

Quotable lyrics:

“Spin back to back, but they block

and repeat no matter what they play

imma play g these reals vps baby they

cheat I am on the golf army with the sheet

money calling, so it is harder to sleep”.