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Grymee – Kobe

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Something New – Kobe by Grymee is Finally Out

On June 9, 2022, a new single called Kobe was released on the official Grymee channel. This single doesn’t have a video yet, but it’s worth to listen.

Grymee is also the name of the YouTube channel of this young rapper. There is another song next to the single Kobe, the first song he released on this channel. In addition, be sure to watch the video on his YouTube channel, where he introduced himself and talked about his life, growing up, and what motivates and inspires him to record songs.

Grymee is his nickname, which he got in high school and kept as his artistic name.

This rising young artist speaks in this song about how he was broke and never had money. The rapper tells his story and his vision and ambition, but also how others saw it and in what way, thinking they knew him. The song is a great choice, especially for those who want to hear a life story.

Kobe is a great mix of hip hop and rap, resulting in a quickly remembered melody, especially the chorus. The music and lyrics are well-marked, and everyone will be thrilled to hear this song.

The rapper announced this song, as well as the previous one, on his Instagram profile, followed by over 17,000 followers. He addressed the audience on April 21, when he mostly had his song that would be released in June. Kobe is also produced and mixed by TY Danelley, the founder of Risk Engineering. Graphics for YouTube were done by YB graphics.

Fans on Instagram were delighted and left numerous comments of support and enthusiasm.

If you don’t already have to, listen to Grymee’s song Kobe and subscribe on his YouTube channel, where we can expect more great songs from Grymee.