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BOA QG X BOA Hunxho – Voodoo

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New BANGER! BOA QG X BOA Hunxho drops out visual for Voodoo

The song Voodoo was released on April 27, 2022, on BOA QG’s official YouTube channel. Visual already has almost 5 million views in two months. This song is one of the most listenable songs that came out in the past.

Diesel Film did the visual, and we can tell that the video is high quality.

At the beginning of the video, a striking acapella singing of a team of young people with rappers stands out. The entire cast is so powerfully passionately belting out lines through this introduction to the story that follows. A dark story and a difficult text give this song special intensity and power.

BOA QG and BOA Hunxho are two top artists who brought these dark lyrics well. Following the rhythm and beat, the emotion gets stronger and stronger until the song’s end. They recorded the visual in a simple environment where their armed team surrounded them; they contributed to the text coming to the fore. In the song, they speak strongly about drugs and violence with a lot of passion. They covered all text elements with one dark melody that matched this movie’s story.

The audience recognized the idea and emotion that the rappers showed, so the song was listened to on repeat.

At the beginning of the video, the rappers emphasized that the use of weapons in the visual is not to promote illegal activities and that the weapons are used only to film the visual.

The song Voodoo has set the internet on fire, and besides YouTube, we can best see it on the popular TikTok. A whopping 1.4 billion views have racked up this banger. The number of videos that people make is increasing day by day.

Shortly before the song Voodoo got a visual on the official YouTube channel of BOA KG, the first official audio was released. The published audio recording has over 300,000 views. After brutally good reactions from the audience, soon after, the rappers made a visual, which, as we can see, burned out on the Internet.

We can see modern and urban content from BOA QG on his Instagram profile. In addition to good photos, most space is occupied by promoting new musical projects that the rapper often presents to his followers. In addition to the announcement that Voodoo is out on YouTube, after some time, BOA QG boasted to fans that the song is getting a lot of listens on Spotify, and the number of views is growing at a rapid rate.

Listen to this banger: Voodoo will blow your mind, and you will surely listen to this hard sound more than once. First, be sure to leave a comment on how you like this collaboration. Then, subscribe to the official BOA QG YouTube channel to see what’s coming next.

Read part of the lyrics of Voodoo below:

Married to the streets ya thats my boo
Ain’t gonna stop hеre till wе threw
I just hope god knew, all my 100s know they knew, all my money know its blue
Red bottoms upon my shoes, im drippin gooI, i fell in love with my choppa