bloom – Good Girls


The rising Toronto-based group Bloom has released another single,” Good girls,” on their YouTube channel.

The band, which started jamming together in 2019, has worked hard on this one, and you will definitely love it.

This single is a mix of R&B, pop and hip-hop, and it talks about the problems of today’s society and how you can’t trust people.

The group members say that their current or past problems are usually the inspiration for their songs, but “Good girls” is different because it hits a universal problem they may face soon.

In the music video Jackson, Chris and Noah are seen in a place which they call “your mom’s basement.”

You can literally feel their insane energy through the screen as they express pure emotion through their music.

Bloom is definitely something that is needed on the music scene, a combination that is both strange and cool at the same time.

Other songs that Bloom performs are: “Save your prayers,” “Bye,” and “Bad night.”

The music video for “Bad night” has around 43k views, and it is their most popular song.

However, the group says “Save your prayers” is the one they are most proud of.

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Quotable lyrics:

“I just can’t open up; got some things I won’t discuss

So let me waste my days away, tell me why should I trust you

Don’t know what to do, you got me in ruins, I’m counting the bruises

Cover my conscience, you know I’ve been dying for something new”.