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Kha Structure – PNVK




On 16.10.2021. Kha Structure released a new music video for his track “ PNVK”.

The music video, which was shot in a paintball area, is receiving great feedback so far.

Many fans didn’t even know the two rappers were beefing, but it looks like the song is a diss track on the rapper PNV Maine.

Kha had a good sample for this one, and he unleashed very dope and straight to the point lines.

The beat is very addictive, and some say it is even too loud for the song.

When it comes to the visuals, the scenery is very well thought out, and we like how everyone in the comments recognizes the paintball area.

Even if you are not here for the beef, check out “ PNVK”, the song has potential.

The 18-year-old rapper got some attention with this song, and if everything goes well, he will definitely blow up soon.

Everybody is now waiting for a comment or even a track from PNV, but will he respond?

We will just have to stick around and wait.


Nine months ago, the young rapper released a song called “ Attire”.

The song has almost 40K views, and it is his best song so far.

If Kha keeps up with these cool releases, he will soon be in the big league.

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Quotable lyrics:

“How you gonna fuck a niggaz on me,

like I ain’t gonna get back, what,

you trying to turn your hoe into a housewife,

and that shit ain’t never work, whatever they doin’

I already did it first.”