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Meek Mill – Lemon Pepper Freestyle

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Lemon Pepper Freestyle by Meek Mill

The song “Lemon pepper freestyle” is sung by an american battle rapper, Meek Mill. This 2.22 minutes long video has 3.3 million views within five days since it is published on YouTube. The singer and rapper Meek mill is known for his freestyle music that goes straight into hearts and minds. The song Lemon pepper freestyle is a vivid example of his freestyle singing. He always tries to come up with the street language in his songs and raps that explicitly show and presents the emotional situations of the audience. 

Meek mill came up with his past frustrations in this song in a poetic way, with lots of soothing rhythms. The stage is set with vibrant scenery that reflects the lyrics and that particular moment. Fans’ beloved Meek has been phenomenal with his extra fast utterance of the lyrics. 

About The Video

The video is an assortment of smooth frames and backgrounds blending into each other and that suits the tune of the video too. Meek never disappoints his fans with his Jaw-dropping music productions and direction. Being grown in Philadelphia, Lemon pepper freestyle gives vibes that relate to that place and people. With the right mix of slangs, Meek got the idea of making singing known to the ones unknown to the Rapping.

With the distinct and loud hip-hop style, Lemon Pepper Freestyle beautifully pulls one to the dance floor. Symphonic metal sounds and perfect lighting is another jazzy feature of Meek’s lively performances. It has remained a sad fact for the fans and Rapping industry that Meek doesn’t own some of his music rights. The song Lemon Pepper Freestyle can be a glowing representative of the freestyle of music, which is in fact the other bad side as well as fans’ beloved style of Music.

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