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Karl Kaay – Time ft. Preeme2x

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Karl Kaay – Time (feat. Preeme2x)

On 3. 12. 2021. Karl Kaay dropped a video for his track “Time,” featuring the fellow rapper Preeme2x, and it’s available on the Poetic Records Youtube channel.

Karl Kaay is a young rapper from Toronto.

He is only 21 years, but he has already released an album, “Warm up,” and he is making progress at a fast pace. 

He’s known for his catchy songs, smooth flows, and music that makes people want to dance.

For the song “Time,” he joined forces with his fellow colleague Preeme2x, an upcoming rapper from Toronto who just started building up his career. 

The song begins with rhythmical bass by Karl Kaay singing the verse “Four-three-two-one, your time is up; four-three-two-one, my time is now.”

There are plenty of melodies throughout the song, and both rappers reveal their unique style of expression.

Karl Kaay’s smooth rapping is combined with singing sequences and quite simple but catchy music in the background.

Preeme2x jumps in at the second half of the song, and he brings an interesting melody expressed with his unique, vibrant voice.

The story shows two rappers rolling around the city and confidently claiming their place.

The lyrics agree with their real-life posture, and they show what it is to be young and confident.

“Time” is definitely a bouncy song that will easily merge with your ears and keep buzzing in your head for days.

If you still didn’t experience it yourself, you can check the video above.

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Quotable lyrics:

“Refusing to chill

Cause she rise like a harley

Gotta get to the ground

Baby I’m sorry.”