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Ron Suno, DUSTY LOCANE, OnPointLikeOP & Rah Swish – BUST DOWN

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Ron suno, DUSTY LOCANE, OnPointLikeOP and RAH Swish come together for “BUST DOWN”

New York City drill artists Ron suno, Dusty LOCANE, OnPointLikeOP and RAH Swish have all joined forces for the new single “BUST DOWN”. Part of the larger collaborative album “SAY DAT”, “BUST DOWN” is a raunchous party banger from these talented rappers. If you want to hear exactly how crazy Brooklyn can get, give this track a listen.

So many amazing artists have come together on this project to make it a success. Ron Suno has been building himself up as a drill powerhouse for several years now, creating his popularity from music videos for tracks like “With My Crew” and “Party on Jump” . His biggest hit is probably “Pinocchio”, which holds 15 million views on TikTok alone.

DUSTY LOCANE has been gaining recognition since 2021, with the release of singles like “Rollin n Controlling Freestyle” blowing up on social media. His signature raspy voice is instantly recognizable on any track he tackles, coming off the release of his latest album “Nightmare on the 5th”.

OnPointLikeOP has been referred to as the “Birdman of Brooklyn”, on account of him being both an artist and the CEO of his own label “1090 Music Group”. He’s rubbed shoulders with talents such as Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel, as well he has released dozens and dozens of fantastic singles.

Rah Swish has been enjoying enormous success this year too, with tracks like “Tell ‘Em” earning 12 million streams on Spotify. Other songs like “Watchu Like” and “Feel Like Pop” both coming close to or surpassing 10 million streams themselves. When he joins these other artists, the results are unstoppable.

Ron Suno Bust Down

Ron Suno, DUSTY LOCANE, OnPointLikeOP & Rah Swish – BUST DOWN

There It Is

With classic drill drums keeping the chop throughout the song, the bed of the track is a sample of “Whoomp There It Is” totally reimagined for this record. Ron Suno comes in first with his smokey voice, delivering extremely sexual bars for what will become the hook of the song. DUSTY comes in next, taking an even darker tone on the subject matter but obliterating the verse nonetheless. OnPointLikeOP pops off with creative flows and hilarious ad-libs, keeping the energy where it needs to be. Rah Swish finishes things off with bars about taking shots and lighting up any party he appears in. As a whole, the energy is completely insane.

Nimi Hendrix also obliterates the music video, which has extremely high production value. The rappers perform in a massive, luxurious mansion surrounded by beautiful women. In a pool, the artists pass out liquor to the dozens of girls around them. On the balcony, the models are all wearing the same jean shorts and white shirts. In between all these moments are stylish effects keeping things live in every scene.

Ron suno, DUSTY LOCANE, OnPointLikeOP and RAH Swish are all on Instagram, check out their profiles to stay in tune with their outrageous antics. Their project “SAY DAT” is out everywhere right now, check it out and be sure to give “BUST DOWN” a listen too.