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Mastermind – Plot Twist

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Manchester’s Own Mastermind Releases Single “Plot Twist”

“Plot Twists”, the latest offering from Manchester born rapper Mastermind, has been released to the world! This dark melodic Hip-Hop track is another welcome addition to the artist’s ever-growing catalog, and comes with a stylish video debuting on the GRM Daily YouTube channel. 

Born one of eight children to his Somali father and Welsh/Yemeni mother, Mastermind grew up in the Rusholme ward of Manchester. The young artist began releasing music independently in 2015, but it was his 2020 breakout hit “WaveTime” that really grabbed the attention of British audiences and put him on the map. “Wavetime” accumulated over 6 million plays and was followed up with the sequel “Wavetime 2”, which put up even more numbers. Shortly afterward, Mastermind released his most popular single to date, “Wartime”, which currently sits at a whopping 13 million plays on Spotify.

In addition to this flurry of singles, Mastermind released his debut LP “Skin Affair” in February of this year. The album is a milestone in the 27-year-old rapper’s career, and marked only the start of an exciting 2022 for him. Even more singles followed this album, including “The Fall”, “Emotional Seasons”, “Yorkshire” and “Eclipse”. Many of these are also accompanied by high quality music videos. “Plot Twist” is simply another banger offering in a long line of great tracks.

Mastermind Plot Twist

Mastermind – Plot Twist

Cold Piano Lines Underlie Even Colder Bars

Beginning with a classic dark trap piano line, the mood for the song is further set by the squishy and groovy bassline that accompanies our first dose of the hook. After a brief bandpassed section, Mastermind enters with smooth autotuned bars that come across both gorgeous and deeply cold. Mastermind has previously described his sound as “wavy pain” and that definitely comes across in this track. Effortlessly weaving together lines about keeping quiet in the face of the feds, counting bands, and getting money from selling pounds. A personal highlight of the song for me is the hummed adlibs, showing a lighthearted but undeniably great side to the young rapper.

The video for “Plot Twist” matches the energy of the track quite well, with barely a shot going by without showing Mastermind holding an enormous sum of money. Much of the video takes place in the back of a Rolls Royce Phantom, complete with the starry roof. Mastermind is seen rapping while smoking joints and showing off his lavish timepiece, all the while presumably counting bands from the activities he writes about. As a whole the music video is stylish and well done, easily capturing the attention of the viewer making you want to hit replay the moment it’s done.

You can keep track of Mastermind on his Instagram where he frequently posts stories of his latest songs and day-to-day life. “Plot Twist” is yet another hitter from the British rapper and we look forward to what he has in store for us next!