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Born Trappy – All Hours




On 23.1.2022. Born Trappy dropped a music video for his new track “ All Hours” on his YouTube channel.

The amazing visuals already have around 300k views, and this is definitely one of his best songs so far. The song is emotional and lyrically on a very high level, and we have been listening to the song since its preview.

The instrumental rocks and Born Trappy shares a bit of his pain in his new single. Trappy said on his IG post that this track is for his people, and fans love how he has changed his game with this one.

Fans are starting to call his songs “ motivational music” because he always speaks facts on his tracks. One of the best bars on the song is: “ Been through a lot, so I don’t trust a lot”.

Trappy is one of the most underrated wave rappers, and he always comes with a fresh tune and surprises his fans with top-notch lyrics. 

He is coming for the views, and we hope he will get the flowers he deserves in 2022. If you want to put something new on your playlist with a chill vibe and sick bars, Born Trappy is up next.

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Check out Born Trappy’s new single above on this page, and leave a comment if you think he is underrated.

Quotable lyrics:

“Can I smoke a spliff

inside your living room, might

just ask off if you are stick,

no baby, I don’t think; maybe I do

we ain’t watching for the pigs,

I am not gonna stay for dinner,

you know that I can pay for it.”