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Dutchavelli – Bumpy One

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Dutchavelli has released his new video for the song Bumpy One

On June 7, 2022, Dutchavelli posted his new video on his official YouTube channel. In one week, the song reached a score of over 720,000 views and ignited the audience. The audience’s reactions are great, which is best seen in the comments they leave on all platforms and social networks.

The video shows the story that Dutchavelli tells. The young rapper and songwriter in the song Bumpy One talks about money laundering, relationships with friends, problems with the police, and his feelings. In the song, we can see scenes where Dutchavelli rides a helicopter, scenes with the police in his apartment, but him with the crew in front of the garage. The plot in the video followed the story very well. This story reached his audience, who recognized his emotion and supported him.

His voice is recognizable, which is why he is one of favorite rappers. The song’s rhythm is soul fire, which fits in perfectly with how he raps.

British rapper Stephan Fabulous Allen grew up in the Netherlands, better known by his art name Dutchavelli. Life in Rotterdam is just the inspiration for his nickname ‘Dutch.’ The influence of Dutch-style can be felt in his songs.

Always recognizable, Dutchavelli never ceases to delight the audience, which we can best see from the comments that fans write below the video. 

He is not the only rapper in his family; besides him, his sister, Stefflon Don, is also a successful rapper. So far, he has worked with big names like Tion Wayne, Stormzy and Gzuz.

Dutchavelli’s three songs, “I Dunno,” “Burning,” and “808“, stand out. All three songs were in the Top 40 hits, while the song I Dunno was ranked 7th.

Even if he had a problem with his hacked Instagram account 2 years ago, the rapper is active on the social network and regularly informs his audience that follows him about the latest projects he is working on.

The song Bumpy One became a real hit on the TikTok social network. Inspired by Durchavelli’s piece, people publish interesting videos daily that are covered in the background with this hit song. There are more and more videos like this these days.

In addition to TikTok, many video reactions to the song also appear on YouTube. Bloggers and the audience rated this song with the highest rating and sent many words of enthusiasm to the rapper.

Be sure to listen to Durchavelli’s new project, the song Bumpy One is sure to delight and get you started. If you want to follow his official YouTube channel, you will always be among the first to hear his new music. Write below the video of how you like the new song.

Read part of the lyrics:

Last year was a bumpy one, but I took it and smile (Uh-huh)
I’ve had bigger adversities in life, I was lookin’ at life and took it to trial (I did)
Had to go on a run, my friend got murdered
Feds raided my house
I caught case for money laundering, they’re talkin’ ’bout two hundred thou’ (Thou’)