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One Don – Whap Whap Remix

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One Don drops visuals for Remix of Whap Whap 

These days the Whap Whap song has become richer for another remix. One Don released a new video a few days ago and did a fantastic remix for the song Whap Whap. The song received over 17 thousand views and several thousand likes in a short time. The remix was released on the official 6ixBuzz Premieres channel.

Jamil Da Video Maker, directed the video. One Don creatively did the remix by keeping the music and melody the same but changing the lyrics. He replaced the recognizable chorus with the word “whap whap” with the word “shot shot” and got an effective chorus, just like the original version.

In the video, two locations alternate, the first is in an abandoned street covered with graffiti, the second is with his crew. One Don did a great job of remixing the lyrics and fitting them into the existing music. As a result, the song got a new dimension and an original concept. The rapper’s voice is very pleasant, and his drill completely delighted the audience. After listening to this remix, that catchy chorus “shot shot” immediately enters your head. With his creativity, One Don brought something innovative and recognizable and still left something of the original song.

One Don managed to keep the theme of the original text and bring it in a completely different way.

Skillibeng originally performed the song Whap Whap. In 3 months, this song set the Internet on fire and became a banger. Over 17 million people viewed the visual. There is no doubt that the song is completely an anthem, but it also inspired other artists to remix it. As a result, more and more remix versions of this song appear on the Internet daily; in almost every remix version, the music, melody, and beat are kept, and the rappers write their version of the text creatively.

In addition to numerous remixes on YouTube, we can watch many good Whap Whap Challenge Dance videos. In the 3 months since the visual was released, views are also growing on other platforms. For example, there are over 144 million views on the TikTok social network for the song Whap Whap.

When the visual was released, One Don posted a short video on his Instagram profile, left a link, and invited his followers to listen to his version of this banger. On One Don’s Instagram profile these days, we can also see an announcement for a new music project in collaboration with Solid 16s.

Over the past months, One Don has worked hard on his projects and released some good singles, such as Witness and Gunman. A month ago, in collaboration with Yung 2nuff and YawdMan, he released a brutally good visual for the song Death Row.

Below, watch the visual for the remix version of Whap Whap. And write in the comments which version of the song you like better and if you might want to hear another remix version from One Don.