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Noodah05 – Tameka ft. Rylo Rodriguez

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Noodah05 and Rylo Rodriguez drops out a new visual for the song Tameka

Noodah05 and Rylo Rodriguez did a great song “Tameka” that wowed the crowd. The rappers made a great visual that delighted the audience, and this pleasant sound brings great vibes. The premiere of the official video for Tameka’s piece was on August 5, 2022, and in just a few days, over 108 thousand people watched the song. The visual is on Noodah05’s official YouTube channel.

Noodah05 and Rylo Rodriguez made the visual in collaboration with Diesel Film, who is responsible for this great visual. In this visual, you can see a life story and part of the atmosphere of family relationships. The rappers got together with the crew and shot shots around their neighborhood on the streets parallel to the story of a teenager. In this light atmosphere, the words from the lyrics of the song are perfectly integrated, and because of the song’s content, many people found themselves in this track.

With the beautiful sound of the backing vocals, we can enjoy the voices of these musical rappers. The chords we hear in the background are repeated in a slower rhythm and follow the energy and emotion of the whole song. The song brings a lot of good elements, such as a good melody in the backing vocals, that makes this song very easy to remember. After the first listen, the chorus will make your head spin.

Noodah05 released many new materials in the last few months, where all the songs delighted the audience and fans. A month ago, the rapper released the visual for the song Breath, which seriously made waves on the Internet, and in this short time, the song has almost 48,000 views on his channel.

The brutal visual for the song FR set the Internet on fire and received an incredible number of views and streams. In addition to these songs, we could hear his other hits such as Stan By Me, Shotta, All On Me and others in recent months.

The rapper’s most played song so far is the song Merciless. The visual for this song was released by Noodah05 a year ago, and so far, this visual has over 1 million views and lots of great comments from the audience.

These great songs are becoming more and more popular on other platforms. On the Spotify platform, Noodah05’s songs are listened to by over 110,000 listeners per month. Wild Child, with over 5 million streams, is his most played song on this platform.

On the Noodah05 Instagram profile, you can find a lot of content where the rapper showcases his new projects and songs. In addition to his music content, you can enjoy great photos from the rapper’s private life and some exciting video content. If you want to follow all the news about his future projects, follow his Instagram profile.

Click on the link below and watch the new visual for Tameka. Write in the comments how you like the new song and the visual and what is your favorite Noodah05 song. If you want to hear more of his great music, you can find it on his official YouTube channel.