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Bundog – True Story

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On 23.5.2021. Bundog drops a music video for “True Story” on Blue Feather Records’ YouTube channel.

The rapper posted, “I will drop this tomorrow at 6 pm. If I get 1000 comments with only goat emojis” on his Instagram account. It is clear his fans did not disapoint, and the rapper kept his public promise.

Bundog shows off made storytelling skills with this one, proving that his lyrical game is out of this world.

The Toronto rapper is famous for not showing his face around. He is constantly wearing some kind of mask, so he fits well in this Corona era.

The rapper combines a cool beat with an interesting flow and some made rhymes. The high-quality music video helps the interesting puns and bars get noticed.

He is known in the rap circles as the big bro.

Bundog is Pressa Armani’s older brother. He was sentenced to 10 years of prison, and he finally got out in 2020. 

In December 2020, he announced that he is back from hell and that they couldn’t slow him down.

He dropped his debut record “Bricks for the Low” in March 2021.

The rapper is very proud of his younger bro Pressa Armani, always hyping him up in his Instagram posts. 

Genes don’t lie, they are both very talented, and although Bundog has just started his rap career, he is well known.

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Quotable lyrics:

“He was slipping on the strip

so we had to mop him, 

we had to clean him up, 

he had that Nina tucked,

it was too late for him 

when he heard that Nina bust.”