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TheWayOut Back To School Tournament & Giveaway



TheWayOut Basketball Tournament & Giveaway

TheWayOut Entertainment (W.O.E) hosted a back-to-school giveaway and Basketball tournament for children and families in their community. This event was held on September 4th, 2021, at 4010 Lawrence Avenue East and was sponsored by W.O.E members themselves. Over 100 guests and affiliates were present at this occasion, of course for the basketball tournament, BBQ and giveaway, but most importantly for unity amongst each other.

An integral part of this occasion was the 5 on 5 Basketball Tournament, which had a cash prize of $500 and $250 prize for second place. Raffle tickets were handed out for folks to win more prizes. Contestants had a chance to win a variety of prizes, which consist of gifts cards, electronics, and sporting equipment. Throughout the event, the W.O.E team made sure that they had enough refreshments to cater for all their attendees.

This giveaway was successful, and everyone had a good time. They also hosted a BBQ a couple of weeks prior with $500 dollars in food donated to families. The work done by the W.O.E team over the years has always been noticed and commendable. People have always appreciated the extra effort done by this organization. We await to see what they do next.

About TheWayOut Entertainment

The W.O.E is a platform that was created for artists to develop their entertainment skills in the music industry. This allows them to exhibit their passion for music and showcase their artistic talents in various forms. W.O.E is committed to providing a stable mentorship and guidance as each artist evolves and grows, into the fullness of their artistry. They are fully committed to the development of those they manage and have taken under their wing. Artist and Career Development is a primary objective of the brand. They ensure that this is a sustainable method of mentorship that will ensure the success of each artist and their craft. W.O.E has a team of producers, musicians, and other partners to increase the success rate of their clients.

The W.O.E is a very charitable organization that is always up for helping in the community. When asked about future giveaways, it was expressed that they were planning to continue this once-a-year tradition and is thinking about adding another around the Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays. They’re doing this because they feel that a lot of families do not have access to much on the holidays and that charities only cater to some rural areas. Their goal is to ensure that they help as many children and families as possible.

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RAPCAPTO: TOP 10 Toronto Female Hip-Hop – Feb. 25th 2022



RapCapTO is your trusted source of streaming charts for Unsigned Toronto Hip Hop. We filter out fake streams to give you a clear picture of Toronto Top Talent and provide a fair playing field for all independent artists.

For Toronto Female Hip Hop not a lot changed since last week. Paris Richards is gaining more separation from other artists.

ArtistToronto Listeners

1. Jully Black – 6,891

2. Paris Richards – 5,467

3. Tara Lord – 4,167

4. Haviah Mighty – 3,386

5. Dutchess – 3,244

6. Leila Dey – 1,616

7. Tia Bank$ – 1,346

8. Liyah – 1,315

9. Keysha Fresh – 1,117

10. DvblM – 982

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RAPCAPTO: TOP 10 Toronto Male Hip-Hop – Feb. 25th 2022



RapCapTO is your trusted source of streaming charts for Unsigned Toronto Hip Hop. We filter out fake streams to give you a clear picture of Toronto Top Talent and provide a fair playing field for all independent artists.

For Toronto Male Hip Hop Burna Bandz closing in on Houdini to take the top spot. Burna is also the hottest artist in the city right now in terms of gains. Houdini held top spot all of 2021.

ArtistToronto Listeners

1. Houdini – 78,644

2. Burna Bandz – 78,163

3. NorthSideBenji – 66,510

4. 88GLAM – 46,610

5. 3MFrench – 43,766

6. Pengz – 41,836

7. Why G – 40,267

8. Duvy – 36,551

9. Roney – 36,523

10. Casper TNG – 35,403

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Daves Hot Chicken Partners With Drake



Daves Hot Chicken

Daves Hot Chicken Partners With Drake & Samuel L. Jackson

After announcing that his recent album Certified Lover Boy is number one on the billboard top 200 for the second week in a row and acquiring 849,000 units all in the same time. Today was humbling when it was announced that Drake purchased a minority stake in Dave’s Hot Chicken. For most of you who are not familiar with Dave’s chicken spot; it originally started as a simple idea of turning Nashville Hot chicken and tuning the recipe to make it better than any other chicken spot. With a little money to their name the owners create a pop-up concept in a parking lot somewhere in East Hollywood. Their first menu consisted of simple tenders, fries, sliders, and kale slaw. The company then became viral and was always filled with very long lines.  After 6 months of consistent pop-up shops and everyday being filled with long lines the team then decided to take the risk of opening their first physical store in 2018. The co-founder, Dave, a chef trained and developed his skills in Thomas Keller’s Bouchon restaurant organization came up with a simple and delicious process of creating the best chicken. His idea was to take the best quality chicken, prepare the chicken in a proprietary brine, and after deep frying; top the most tender chicken in the world with one of seven signature spice blends.

Dave’s Hot Chicken chain has locations in Los Angeles and Toronto; two of Drakes favorite city. Drake has already invested in the food industry before when he invested into plant-based chicken earlier in 2021. This would be his second food investment when investing in Dave’s Hot Chicken. 

Drake is not the only celebrity who as notice the growth of Dave’s and has taken the chance to invest into the company. Tom Werner of the Boston Red Sox and famously knowns Samuel L. Jackson is also a major investor into this fast-growing company.  Dave currently has 22 locations open but also planning on adding 25 more locations in Houston and Chicago. 

Drake posted a picture of himself digging into some Dave’s Hot Chicken earlier this year and let’s just say they passed the taste test. This hastened his minority ownership investment. A co-sign from Drake is a big deal for any business; especially with all the accomplishments Drake has helped so many people with over the years. 

Drake also made a statement to solidify his endorsement by stating “I tried the food, and it was amazing.  After meeting the founders and hearing their story, I jumped at the opportunity to invest.” 

Drake owns less than 50 percent of the company; but it is evident that his celebrity status and public acknowledgment of the company is more than enough to maintain the successful growth of Dave’s Hot Chicken

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