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Bundog X Montee x Kem Sav – Motion

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Fast after releasing a collaboration with JNeat and Supawassi called “Only Bandz”, Bundog surprised his fans with a new collaboration “, Motion”.

The music video for “Motion” featured Lil Monte and KemSav and was dropped on 16.10.2021.

Blue Feature Records already has around 11K views on their YouTube channel, and the comments keep coming in.

People are discussing whether the three rappers were a good match for the song because of their different styles.

However, no one denies that Bundog bodied the song with his aggressive verse and top-notch delivery.

Lil Montee killed the hook; many are saying it is the best part of the 3-minute song.

The hook and the chorus are very catchy, and they bring whole new energy to the rap world.

The track actually leaked before they put it out, but the visuals for the video are worth the wait.

All three of them are getting better and better, and they are making skilful moves by collaborating together.

Don’t miss out on this one if you are looking for a dope collaboration to listen to today.

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Is the song a bop or a flop?

Quotable lyrics:

“I add some buff and start mixing it, 

to get the whole key, my whole team was risking it,

now a whole key can’t get you a pot to piss in it,

I’m low key cause my old team, on some different shit.”