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DBx2 – H8 Me

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On 15.10.2021. DBX2 dropped a music video for the song “ H8 Me” on his YouTube channel.

The video, directed by Anthony Larose, shows us a glimpse of the rapper’s life and how he started from the bottom.

Anthony was also in charge of DBX2’s big hit “ Block boys” back in 2020.

The rapper starts the song off with the chorus, and we can hear his impressive vocals.

After this, DBX2 drops straightforward bars that flow very well with the beat.

DBX2 calls out rappers who talk about the streets, saying, “ Niggaz talk street, but they’ve seen no pain”.

DBX2 is known for mixing his vocals and how he both raps and sings in every song.


The rapper’s last song, “ Walk Em’ Down”, was a big success, with 17K views on YouTube.

He recreates the famous Joker scene in the music video, but of course, in his own style.

He released a caption saying, “ For my whole life, I didn’t know if I even really existed. But I do, and people are starting to notice.”, which is a quote from the Joker movie.

If all goes well, “H8 Me” should become an even bigger hit because DBX2 deserves some recognition.

DBX2 is at the top of his game right now, he has good music, unique bars, and he is consistent with releases.

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Quotable lyrics:

“ Gloves and a mask, that’s DB times OJ,

got a lil freaky thing, she is in a role play,

says call her mommy, but I don’t say no names,

anywhere I go, I am comfy, I hold things, pop out of

a Big Range.”