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NojokeJigsaw – Another One ft. AR Paisley

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On 13.8.2021. NojokeJigsaw released a collaboration with AR Paisley called “Another One”.

He dropped a music video for the song, which is his third track off the album “Should’ve Went To Hollywood”.

Nojokejigsaw proved that his flow is unmatched and that he is consistent with his music and career.

Jiggy Suavè, known to the Toronto public as Nojokejigsaw, is preparing to release an album that may be a crossing point in his career.

With the success of his first track, “Forever Fly”, and his second track “Coupe” he is confident that the collaboration with Paisley is exactly what he needs.

His first track was released at the beginning of the year, and fans had to wait for him to finally release some new music.

We can see both rappers in the music video throwing bars, switching flows and simply killing it.

NoJokejigsaw says this collaboration is different, with a more upbeat sound and hopes that his fans are satisfied with his new sound.

Even though he is experimenting with sounds, he delivers bars the same as always.

We see mad chemistry between the two rappers, and it is not surprising because they have already collaborated in the past.

A Dynamic Duo On Another One

Paisley was on NoJoke’s 2020’s project called “Late Nights Early Mornings” on a track called “Yosemite Sam”.

Paisley basically returned the favour because NoJoke appeared on his album “Timeless” in 2019.

Check out their new collaboration “Another One” above on this page.

Leave a comment down below if you think their chemistry is unmatched.

Quotable lyrics:

“I am underneath the stars when the Sun is up,

Me and Jiggy back to back, here’s another one,

get a check from the bank; then I run it up,

double up and how the gold nigazz loving us.”