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SET DA TREND drops out new visual for WANT ME TO LOSE

The song Want me to Lose resonated online and collected over 220 thousand views in less than a week. You can find the song on the official YouTube channel Set Da Trend.

The video was directed by CPDFILMS and is one very interesting piece of content that will keep your attention. The beginning of the video is a display of one chat, and the agreement that is interrupted continues in a film style. Next, the rapper takes to the streets, and an unknown tagged person tries to attack him, but Set Da Trend defends himself and shoots that character.

The continuation of the story about how someone tried to kill him follows the rest of the video, where he talks about it through his rap.

This song’s video has become very popular and positively evaluated precisely because of the authenticity and uncertainty of what will happen next as if we were watching a movie. You will surely remember this song because of the incredibly recognizable Set Da Trend’s voice. His rough, hoarse voice color makes him recognizable and different from other rappers who listen to him daily. The drill is a perfect match with his voice color and this song.

Interestingly, the rapper fantastically combined rap with the sound effects of shooting, which fit very well at the end of the phrase and increased the intensity of the text.

The New York rapper recently started building his career, but we can freely say that this is a young rising star whose songs are getting better and better.

Seth Da Trend has achieved numerous successes in collaboration with big names who have pushed his career upwards. Some of those names are B Love, Nas EB, and Kay Flock.

In the last few months, Set Da Trend has worked hard to release several brutal projects, and every song he has released has listened to a lot. Of all the songs, the video for Gets Home stood out, approaching the first million views. We are sure that  Want Me Lose will experience this kind of success.

The rapper uses Instagram intensively and often publishes content announcing some newspapers or sharing some interesting videos and pictures with his followers. 7 days ago, he invited his followers to visit the link he marked and listen to his song Want Me Lose as soon as possible. To the great delight of the followers, comments arrived not only from the fans but also from his fellow rappers who supported his work and projects.

We suggest you take a few minutes and hear this intense sound and energetic video Set Da Trend – Want Me To Lose and write what you like best. If you want to send more novelties and top music projects of this young artist, then it is best to subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow all the news regularly.