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Charly Black brings out Toronto Rapper Burgz @ Hoist & Wine Canada

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Charly Black Brings Out Toronto’s Own Burgz

Charly Black surprised fans at a recent show by bringing out Toronto artist Burgz. Black, a diamond-selling artist from Jamaica, was making a stop at Mississauga’s Kaieteur where he performed an excellent set. Charly’s energy was contagious, and as a special treat for the local crowd Burgz stepped onto the stage and performed his track “Road Again”.

The track went over well with the crowd, capturing their attention and getting the whole room. The tune showcases the mixture of R&B and hip-hop that Burgz specializes in, with smooth bass and inspiring bars about getting back into music after a brief hiatus.

Born under the name Earl, Burgz started his journey into music at the young age of ten years old with the “What We Do Freestyle” (unreleased). As a highschooler, recording music.

became the artist’s primary hobby under the encouragement of his community. Blowing up in his local scene, Burgz noticed larger producers, artists, and other celebrities interacting with him online. He is now the CEO of his own independent record label “Lidge Entertainment”, 

The live performance itself from the event can be found on Burgz’s YouTube channel, where you can experience the amazing footage as it happened. Moreover, you can see snippets of it in the official music video for “Road Again”. Of course if you want to tap in with Burgz directly and see what he’s up to, you can find him on Instagram.