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Dee Money – Dexter

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About 10 days ago, a new video was released on the official Macadelic YouTube of the artist Dee Money.

The song received some the comments below the video, the audience reacted differently.

This Dexter video is about pushing boundaries and bringing something the audience is not used to seeing. The video itself shows scenes of murder and the perpetrator of the murder at the beginning on the video.

Dee Money shot the video for Dexter in one house, but some parts of the video production were made outside the house. In addition to the performer of this song, the main actor in the video, there are two other men. At the beginning of the video is a scene that is associated with some horror movies precisely because of the action of this video. Dee Money himself is dressed in a protective suit worn by lab workers. In addition to that suit for other shots, the video artist chose an urban combination of tail suits and the other two men who appear.

What is interesting in the video itself is that Dee Money is, at times, surrounded by red lights. The red color of the lights is because the excellent graphics and lighting, like dim red light, can be interpreted as a symbol of the blood of the victim, whose body is already at the very beginning of the video.

In addition to bright graphics like red spots on the screen, they can also symbolize the same blood. What should be pointed out is that this artist is less known to the public. It is the first time his official video has been published on the Macadelic channel.

The fact is that the video is something unexpected, but the video is in line with the text of this video. What is important to note is that Dee Money has an extremely pleasant voice cover and that everyone can’t wait to see what’s new that we can expect from this artist.

After this video, the audience is also expecting something unusual that will push the boundaries of everyday music videos we meet.

This official channel has over 2000 subscribed followers, and on this channel, in addition to this artist, you can notice some other names from the world of rap music that are less known to the public but just as good as Dee Money.

If you haven’t watched the video for Dexter yet, take a look and leave a comment on how you like this song and the video itself. If you haven’t subscribed, subscribe to this official YouTube channel, where we can expect some more news from this artist and hopefully new videos soon, but maybe some collaborations with already famous names from this music world.