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TAAYLEE G. – No Losses

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“No Losses” comes as a brand new song from Taaylee G

Toronto artist Taaylee G comes at us yet again with another high-powered track in the form of “No Losses”. This song is her sixth single of 2022, and eighth overall for the emerging artist, though the confidence and style showcased on the track already makes her feel like a veteran.

Taaylee G is one of several artists signed to the Shoebox Label Music group, alongside Mazzi 500 and Path⁷. Her first singles “Designated Lipgloss” and “Life’s Good” came out in March 2021 and established her abilities as a hard-hitting female MC with flows to spare.  Following several more tracks that year, her breakout song came in March 2022 with “COMING IN DIFFERENT”. This song sits at a cool 40,000 plays on Spotify, with blaring horns and non-stop killer lines it’s easy to see why the track was such a success for her.

A mother of two beautiful twins, the rapper has made it clear that her ambition is only fueled further by the love of her family. “No Losses” comes as merely the latest offering in her discography, which is growing at a rapid rate. Indeed this year even saw her first live performance at Toronto’s Rolling Loud, where she hit the stage with fiery red hair and performed her song “Certified Finessa”. She clearly is hungry for more success, and with tracks like this that success is all but guaranteed.


TAAYLEE G – No Losses

Only Wins for this Young Toronto Artist

The new single, produced by Path Seven, begins with a classic trap piano melody and simple high-hat patters that starts to knock before the beat even kicks in. Taaylee G delivers the first chorus with elegance and ease, but it takes on a life of its own when it comes in the second time. With stunning vocal layers, the song is further complemented by the bouncy 808 rolls and glides. In the two minute runtime, Taaylee G gives us a verse that covers her hunger for success, her dedication to her team, and how she can’t squeeze in no jeans “cuz my ass don’t fit ‘em right”. She speaks about running circles around other rappers, this song is proof she definitely does.

Lord Dre is the director of this latest video, with shots taken at dusk with a background of palm trees. Taaylee G is seen wearing Versace shades and a massive chain inscribed with “Shoebox Mentality”, a reference to her label and collective. While delivering her bars, she throws hundred dollar bills out the window of her car like it’s nothing, dropping it low as the camera orbits around her. The power of this artist is felt throughout the video, she gives the impression of being in total control of her music, her style, and the way she feels. An extremely entertaining video no doubt.

Taaylee G stays quite active on Instagram, with posts and stories about her latest tracks and performances. Tap in with this rising young artist and watch as she shoots through the scene while taking “No Losses”.