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Da Crook – Chosen

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Da Crook Shows Us He is “Chosen”

Hailing from Toronto’s west end, Da Crook has just released the music video for his latest single “Chosen”. A banger of a new single, with its latin guitar sample and knocking percussion, Da Crook is fully in his element on this latest song. Be sure to take a listen to “Chosen”, and see why Da Crook is exactly that.

Beginning to release music on SoundCloud just over three years ago, Da Crook quickly began to build a following in the Toronto scene and the rap world at large. His first song ever, “I Might Just”, sits at a cool 110,000 streams on the site and comes as a major debut for the young artist. Since that first release, Da Crook has never had his fans wait long between singles. 2022 alone saw the artist drop ten brand new songs, so it’s a good time to start to dig into this rapper. 

Inspired by the likes of DMX, 50 Cent, and Tupac, Da Crook sees his hip-hop persona as a reinvention of himself. Taking what he already is and moving to be an evolved, personal, and more versatile human being, Da Crook is really moving things to the next level as of late. In his own words: “Everyone knows I’m a lyricist, I want to show them I’m more than that. I want to show them that maybe other rappers are in trouble”. “Chosen” certainly backs that up.

Da Crook Chosen

Da Crook – Chosen

The beat for this track is a fiery spanish guitar line accented with a pitched down male vocal playing a simple melody in the background. The drums in this song are emphasized heavily, with the snare positively snapping with energy. Da Crook rides the beat easily, spitting bars attacking anyone with a faux-gangster persona. “We gangsta everywhere except the internet” he spits, letting the world know that online clout and twitter wars mean nothing to a real OG. “We talk it hot, we make it hot, can’t wait to see you” is a good example of the high level of aggression Da Crook performs with in this track, with a second vocal line alternating between emphasizing the punchlines and spitting ad-libs. The energy on this track is unbelievable, making for a tune that will have you easily nodding your head.

Charlton Visuals handles the music video on this one, creating an impressive addition to the already sick track. Da Crook is seen rapping in front of a Beemer, as well as taking it for a ride down the highway. He moves with confidence around the vehicle during dusk, his charisma easily felt through the camera. The second location in the video includes a trap house where he sits on a leather couch smoking a blunt, while his crew sits around him armed and ready for danger. The final piece is taken in an all-black room, Da Crook preaching to the camera from this location makes for quite the intense experience. Lines like “If that boy survive we move to BC cuz we way to scarred” have an extreme impact when combined with this hard music video

Da Crook can be found on Instagram, where you can tap in with his latest releases. This would be a good choice given the artist’s high output, with each track exceeding the last in quality and style. “Chosen” is out now, be sure to give it a listen and see exactly what’s putting this artist on the map.