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Pvrx Kicks it with New Single “Cool”

Toronto native Pvrx has stepped out with another fantastic new single, “Cool”. A melancholic R&B joint with an ultra-smooth hook and depthful soul that will have you enraptured in its somber tone. Pvrx once again proves his songwriting prowess and it is to our benefit, so check out this awesome new track.

Growing up in one of the roughest neighborhoods of Toronto, Rexdale, Pvrx was the youngest of three children to a single Jamaican mother. While his mom mainly listened to dancehall, Pvrx gravitated toward the hip-hop scene with influence from The Lox, Jay-Z, Eminem, and 50 Cent. While he was 15 years old Pvrx began selling drugs to support himself, but following an arrest he was taken to a juvenile detention center. Beginning to make music was a therapeutic tool during his time in prison.

Being noticed for his talent by his parole officer, Pvrx was enrolled in a program called “the Remix Project” to help struggling youths find enrichment in creativity. His work through this program caught the attention of then-CEO of Def Jam Records Paul Rosenburg, who signed the young artist and helped him release several singles through the label. With the departure of Rosenburg, Pvrx too left the label and continued to make music with his collective “On Sight Rx”. Releasing a half dozen singles in 2022 alone, Pvrx is on his musical grind and “Cool” is the newest in this wave of drops.

Pvrx Cool

Pvrx – Cool

Waking Up with the Hunger

Akeel Henry in the production of this track makes a melting piano line played over comforting synth pads, the extremely deep and punchy 808 creates an excellent groove in a sorrowful record. Pvrx hits a very catchy call and response flow throughout this song, with alternating smooth sung lines answered by hooky repeating lyrics such as the lines “Where bullets rain/ See the lightning hear the thunder thunder thunder cloud”. These alternating sections build into a beautiful chorus soaked in layers where Pvrx sings the titular “Cool” line. Absolutely stunning both in performance and production.

Pvrx himself was the director of this music video, which tells the story of a young boy who grows up in a tough situation. The child is seen growing into a man, writing in a notebook during both phases of his life. As a man, our protagonist is the victim of a drug deal gone wrong. While handing off a brick, he is shot and rushed to the hospital by EMTs. The whole thing is intercut with Pvrx performing his track passionately in the studio with the young and old versions of himself being swapped out periodically, showing he is still the same kid inside. A very thoughtful and powerful video, as to be expected from such a talent.

Pvrx is releasing music at a rapid pace this year, and all his latest drops can be heard about first on his Instagram. Effortlessly elevating his style with each project, we look forward to the places that Pvrx is going to go. “Cool” is out now on all platforms.