Jrippywitaj – Water


6ixBuzz premiered a new song, “Water: by Jrippy Witaj, on their YouTube channel.

The new Toronto face has been grinding since his song “So slime,” and 6ixBuzz has noticed him.

“Water” has amazing visuals, but one thing we notice instantly is that Jrippy is literally a poet on this beat.

The Toronto rapper has some dope lines on this song, like:” Smoke so much like a rockstar, I only want my money, I don’t need no love.”

He rides the flow perfectly, and he is so confident on the beat that we feel like he has been doing music for years.

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In 2020 the young rapper dropped his first freestyle called “Percosex freestyle, “and he has officially introduced himself to the rap game.

After the freestyle, he has stepped up his game with a music video straight from California called “So slime.”

The music video has around 3K views, but it is an interesting track with dope visuals.

The young rapper has an interesting sound, he has got support from major artists such as North Side, so the only thing he needs is consistency.

This is his second big music video, and we can conclude that things will be better and better.

The Toronto artist says he is constantly in the “lab,” so we will have to wait and see what he has to offer.

Check out “Water” above on this page, and leave a comment down below if you think the song is dope.

Quotable lyrics:

“They Ballin like they out of their feelings,

let me show you how I am living, let me show you,

how to get it.”